Top 5 Online Dating Sites

Last updated: March 2022



✔ Like Gallery
✔ Instant Chat
✔ Flirts & Winks



✔ Friendly 50+ community
✔ Personality tests
✔ Dating app



✔ Huge base of uniformed singles
✔ Search by profession
✔ Instant chat



✔ Huge dating community
✔ Plenty of features
✔ Simple in use



✓ 30+ million singles
✓ User-friendly interface
✓ Mobile & desktop



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Some Basic Info of Online Dating

Can Man Get Success in Online Dating?

Every second man who registers on dating sites may wonder if he will get the results that each site claims. Definitely, large and proven dating platforms can ensure success, but a lot depends on you too. Some factors can influence whether your online dating will lead to the desired results or not. So, first, it’s about your profile. You need to create an attractive profile that immediately tells some interesting information about you. Secondly, it’s how you communicate with the users you like. Thirdly, it’s what search parameters you use. However, let's start with what online dating is supposed to do. 

What Are Women Looking for on Dating Sites?

Every person has their own goals when dating online. How is it possible to understand what are the goals of the woman you like? Many users have a No ONS mark in their profile. This means that they will not consider meeting without obligation or one-night stands. Seeing such a mark, you will immediately understand that the lady is set up for a serious relationship and is ready to meet only the appropriate men. And vice versa, those women who are not averse to try options without obligation will most likely immediately indicate this in their profile so as not to confuse serious-minded guys.

What Are Your Goals?

You should decide what you are looking for and specify it from the beginning. For example, you can also indicate that you are interested in fun meetings without obligations or long-term relationships in your profile. If you have not set this information, we recommend you tell about your goals when you start communication with this or that person. Once you've decided what you want, try to create your profile in a way that will attract people with similar interests.

Creating a Perfect Profile

You have probably already realized that a good profile is 50% of your success. What do you think women pay attention to when looking at your profile? Of course, the first thing is your photos. You should add photos that show you from the best possible angle. In addition, they must be of very good quality. The clothes in the photographs also matter for the look you want to show. Then, the profile description will tell about you. You do not need to write too much about yourself, just speak about your main qualities and goals of acquaintance.

Lead Photo

You should not choose a photo where you are hard to see, or where you are not alone to be the lead photo of your profile. Choose the one where your face is clearly visible, it is great if you smile there. After all, this is the first thing other users will pay attention to. Only later, when they open your profile, they can see other photos and read information about you.

Other pictures

If possible, add photos showing you from different sides. And it's not only about your appearance but also about your life. It will be perfect if you say about your interests, and show them in your photos. For example, if you have a dog, add a photo where you spend time together. If you stated that you love football, add photos from the stadium, etc. The more open your personality is, the more you will be trusted and the fewer doubts other users will have.

Personal Info

Now, we’ll talk about your profile description. You will have the opportunity to add only a few paragraphs, so think about what exactly to write there. Many men choose to talk straight away about what they don't like and which women they avoid. It doesn't look very attractive, believe us! Also, do not immediately write what kind of women you are looking for, this can also alienate many interesting potential partners from you. Be open, honest, but don't look overconfident and narcissistic, and the results of your online dating journey will be just great.